Pioneer DJ BUILT 5 5-Inch Active Reference Studio Monitor

$224.99 $204.78


  • Quality audio designed for maximum audio performance
  • Engineered with grooves to help direct the sound waves smoothly
  • Matching the bass output of the speakers, the soft dome tweeters are set in the center of a convex diffuser optimizing output and dispersing the sound energy in both left and right directions for wider imaging
  • A highly efficient CLASS AB amplifier drives the speakers in a bi-amp configuration to power the tweeters and woofers separately
  • XLR, TRS and RCA for connection to different devices



  • EQ controls

    These monitors also enable you to adjust high-pass level output via the built-in equalizer from the back of the speaker. The equalizer adjusts the high frequency range in one decibel increments (-2dB to +1dB), tailoring the audio output to your listening preference.

  • Inputs

    All models feature three types of inputs – XLR, TRS, and RCA – for connection to different devices, such as external sound cards, computers, DJ equipment, and portable devices.

  • Auto standby

    For convenience and power conservation, the speakers include an Auto Standby mode that automatically turns itself off when there is no input signal sensed after 25 minutes, and powers back on when signal input is detected.