Novation Circuit Groove Box Synth, Drum Machine and Sequencer

$460.00 $449.87


  • 2-part Nova, analog-modeled synthesizer, 4-part drum machine, 6 voice polyphony per synth ; Compatibility – macOS 10.12 Sierra , Mac OSX 10.11, Mac OSX 10.10, Windows 10 , Windows 8
  • 4-part drum machine: store up to 64 drums, samples, and one-shots – combine up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns; save up to 32 sessions, each comprised of up to 8 patterns per track
  • 4×8 grid of RGB velocity-sensitive pads, 28 RGB backlit function buttons, 8 continuous macro encoder knobs, dedicated filter and volume pots. Internal tempo range is 40 – 240
  • Regular Software Updates – Circuit Components: Sample Upload, Software Synth Editor, Cloud-based Session Librarian; add effects including 16 delays, 8 reverbs, filters, and sidechain
  • Battery powered; built in speaker; ¼ inch outputs, MIDI I/O, and USB; 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects
The inspirational grid-based groove box

The Inspirational Grid-Based Groove Box

Novation’s Circuit combines a 2-part synthesizer and 4-part drum machine with a 4 x 8 RGB velocity-sensitive grid sequencer. Hit some pads, tweak the knobs, and your track will start to emerge, all locked in time and key.

Ideas in seconds. Tracks in Minutes

Ideas in Seconds. Tracks in Minutes

Embrace a new way to make music. Build up your parts quickly and easily, either by programming each step or by capturing your performance in real-time. Circuit’s split grid shows your steps and notes at the same time, so you can sequence and play at the same time. Create an entire tune by combining up to 128 steps of synth and drum patterns. When you’re done, save your tune to one of 32 slots.

Ideas in seconds. Tracks in Minutes

Ideas to Tracks

Two Novation Polysynths

Novation Polysynths

Four-Part Drums

Four-Part Drum Machine

Easily Tweak Your Sound

Easily Tweak

Circuit Components

Circuit is supported by an ever-evolving suite of online tools called Components. Take advantage of these regular updates to significantly expand your Circuit’s functionality. For example, simply drag and drop samples onto Circuit with Sample Import, using the streamlined browser-based Web MIDI workflow. Create your own sound library. Design your own synth patches using the Synth Editor. And save all your sessions to the cloud.

Make Music Anywhere

Circuit is compact and battery-powered. Be creative anywhere–while lounging on the couch, en route on a plane, or in the studio. Play synth chords with six-note polyphony, side-chain synths to drums, and adjust filters, effects, tempo, swing and more without a computer. You don’t even need speakers, because Circuit has one built in.

4-Part Drum Machine

4-Part Drum Machine

Use the factory samples or load up to 64 of your own drum sounds, one-shots, or samples. While there are 4 independent drum machine sequences, you can use Sample Flip to play 16 different samples per sequence and across 8 patterns. With Circuit connected to your computer via USB, Circuit Components allows you to easily drag and drop samples onto Circuit and save to the cloud or on your computer.