Mackie BIG KNOB STUDIO 3x2 Professional Audio Interface

$278.61 $248.86


  • Professional source and monitor selection O choose between 3 sources and 2 monitor pairs O classic Big knob volume control
  • Flexible 2×2 USB recording interface O two boutique-quality onyx mic preamps including phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Comprehensive feature set for professional studios O flexible source connections including CONVENIENT 1/8” input for your smartphone O dual headphone Outs with independent level control
  • Compatible with all major DAWs on both Mac and Windows
  • Includes traction recording software

Always In Touch

The go-to monitor controller for studios the world over. Now with more flexibility than ever.

Big Knob Studio

Mackie Big Knob Studio combines premium 192khz/24-bit recording with the proven performance of the world’s bestselling monitor controller. Capture world-class recordings via dual Onyx preamps and professional studio features like zero-latency overdubbing and built-in talkback for artist communication.

Easily select from three sources, including USB playback from your Daw and switch between two pairs of studio monitors. Only Big Knob Studio ensures balanced listening levels, offering independent gain trim on all inputs and outputs.

Two separate headphone outs are available, each with separate level control. Plus, there’s even a handy front-panel input for your smartphone. Big Knob Studio is the ultimate compact studio solution – just add monitors.

Don’t have recording software? We’ve got you covered. Big Knob Studio comes with Tracktion, a powerful, professional Daw to get you started in your studio.


  • Choose between 3 sources and 2 monitor pairs
  • Two boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps including phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Classic Big Knob volume control
  • Independent trim on all sources and monitor outs
  • Mono, mute and dim functions
  • 192khz/24-Bit 2×2 USB recording interface
  • Cue mix for zero-latency monitoring
  • Front panel 1/8 inch input
  • Dual headphone outs
  • Talkback with built-in mic

Big Knob Studio

Classic Big Knob Volume Control

The Mackie Big Knob has proven itself for more than a decade as the go-to monitor controlling solution for project and professional studios. The all-new Big Knob family takes the best of this classic workflow, delivering the right solution for the modern studio.

Powerful Cue Mix Routing

Cue mix allows controlled blending of direct inputs with other signals for zero-latency monitoring while recording. Plus, Big Knob Studio features dual headphone outs with independent level control and both USB/analog input source options for maximum flexibility.

The Hub of Your Studio

Professional routing and switching includes a selection of three sources, including USB playback, and a choice between two pairs of monitors, each with independent gain trim to ensure balanced listening levels.

High-Resolution 2×2 Recording Interface

Two Onyx mic preamps deliver a convenient, high-quality desktop recording source coupled with high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit audio conversion for solid sound quality whether recording or mixing.