JBL SRX835P Portable 15" 3-Way Bass Reflex Powered Speaker System

$2,098.31 $1,998.99


  • Purposeful Design: Rugged, Intuitive to Use, Easy to Transport
  • JBL Premium Transducers
  • Drive core Amplification By Crown
  • Full User Configurable DSP
  • Network Control.Amplifier Design:Class D

Experience and excellence:

For 70 years we have employed the best methodology and tools, and, as established at the very beginning by our founder, James B. Lansing, we develop everything from the ground up. This not only ensures success in the marketplace, it guarantees our efforts exceed the needs and expectations of audio professionals throughout the world. It’s a journey that is legendary worldwide and has positioned JBL as one of the world leaders in professional audio.


Portable 15” Three-Way Bass Reflex Powered Speaker System

SRX835P is a portable, three-way, full range, self-powered speaker with a 15” woofer made for use as a main PA, monitor, or rear or side fill. When used in conjunction with the other SRX800 full range systems and the SRX800 subs, the SRX835P is an integral part of a high performance, fully configurable loudspeaker system. Tunings and presets are available for Crown I-Tech HD and XTi2 amps as well as dbx VENU360 signal processors.

  • JBL 15″ woofer
  • Frequency Response: 41 Hz to 20 kHz
  • SPL: 137dB Maximum
  • Power Handling: 2000W Peak, 1500W Continuous
  • Coverage Pattern: 60° x 40°
  • JBL premium Transducers
  • Fully Supported in Audio Architect software
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • M10 Suspension Points

Key Features

Built to last

With best-in-class 18mm wooden enclosures, 14-gauge steel grilles, and JBL’s Patented DuraFlex finish, SRX800 speakers are built to last and can withstand a lifetime of hard tour use.

Purposeful design

Every detail in the SRX800 Series was purposefully designed and thought through with full consideration for its intended use. Ergonomically designed handles support an easy, non-fatiguing grip for streamlined handling. M10 suspension points, indexed feet, and pole/tripod mounts support a wide, flexible array of configurations.

Transducer technology

JBL’s patented Differential Drive Technology ferrite drivers incorporate 3” voice coils with lower mass ferrite magnets for reduced weight, increased power handling, exceptionally low distortion and extended low frequency response. JBL’s 2432H is the only neodymium 3” voice coil compression driver in this class, delivering very high power levels and smooth, crystal clear sound.