Fansteck Professional Wireless Remote Control Portable Smoke Machine

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  • Wireless Remote Control: Supplied with a wireless remote handle for distant use, you can control your fog machine within a 15-meter radius. Press remote button once to get continuous fog
  • Effective and Huge Output: The smoke machine can produce uniform, unscented fog very fast after 2-3 minutes of warming up. The fog output is around 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and 2-3 m volume distance
  • Non-Toxic and Big Capacity: FCC, CE and RoHS certified for safe non-toxic fog production; comes with a 300ml tank for long lasting fog production
  • Compact Aluminum Body: Built from aluminum for better heat dissipation to ensure durability and long lifespan
  • What You Get: Fog machine with power cable, wired connector, wireless remote handle, User Manual, 12-month Worry-free, and Friendly Customer Service
fog machine
smoke machine

fog machine

fog machine

fog machine

Pour the fog solution, 50%-80% of the tank is ok.

Never add flammable liquids, such as oil, gas and spices.

Avoid contact with water, fog machine is not water resistant. If there are water drops or fog fluid on its surface, please switch off the device at once and wipe off any liquid.

After turn on the fog machine, now it will preheat automatically. Preheating time is 3-5 mintues and the light on the console will be red as soon as the preheating is successfull.

Now we can press the red button on the console to emit fog.

Also the fog machine is euqipped with a wireless remote handle. You can press the wireless remote handle button once to get continuous fog.

It is same working to press the the wireless handle button after the preheating is successfull. (the light is red)

halloween fog machine

Halloween Fog Machine:

Make fog to create a spooky and mysterious atmosphere. Control from 15 meters away!


Output: 2000CFM

Regular use warm up: 2-3 minutes

Output distances: 2-3 M

Remote Control: 15 M

Package Contents:

1 x Fog Machine kit

1 x Remote Console & Manual Control

1 x Remote Handle

1 x User Manual

Warm Note:

1.Always check whether there is enough fog fluid in the tank before each use to avoid danger.

2.Do not spray fog to people directly and keep it far away from fire or other heat resources.