DJ Lights Missyee 36 X 1W RGB LEDs Remote Control DJ LED (8 Pack)



  • 【Colored Stage Lights】the Missyee 36 RGB LEDs stage lights are DMX controllable, it is made up of quality high-efficiency LEDs which can ensure working time up to 100000 hours
  • 【Various Modes】There are 9 function modes to fit for your needs (Static color, Color combination, Color changes, Color fade, DMX, Master-Slave, Sound Activated, Jump Mode, Strobe Mode)
  • 【Simple to Use】The brightness LED uplights can be easy to set up and controlled by the remote control. You can also connect it with DMX controller by DMX cables, then manipulate it by the DMX controller. The instruction manual described how to use this product in detail, it’s easy to use it no matter you are the profession or new
  • 【Easy Installed Design】The Dual handle design is very stable, you can hang the LED lights on everywhere or make it stand on the floor as you want. The angle is easy to be adjusted with the screws

Stage light

Missyee 36 X 1W RGB LEDs Stage Light is Made Up with High Power Top Grade LEDs (12pcs Red/ 12pcs Green/ 12pcs Blue). With High Brightness, Low Power Consumption and Bright Color, All Led Lamp Quality Steady And Lifetime Up to 100000 Hours, Environmental Protection And Energy Saving, Lighting Coverage Wider. 1-2 Pieces par can lights can light up 30-40 square meters.

dj light for party wedding
  • Colorful and very beautiful lighting effect, create complex lighting effects for a warm atmosphere.
  • Versatile bright LED DJ lighting with amazing color changes and patterns. It’s perfect for Stage light, Dancing, Party light, Club light, Disco light as well as Wedding.
  • This Stage Up Lighting includes Sound Activated Program which allows the color changing according to the music.


All your friends and family are dancing on the hall,

36 up lighting shoots out colorful brightness moving with the music,

How relaxed it would be?

Control with the provided remote so you can easily set it up without using a DMX controller or manually adjusting the settings on the device


Along with the romantic song on the wedding,

this 36 stage up lighting shoots fantastic brightness,

What a beautiful scene?

Small and exquisite appearance design for Missyee 36 led up lighting. With dual mounting brackets and screws to hang on or install on a wall or put on the ground.

9 Function Modes

This series product has rich effect programs, easier operation, there are 9 function modes:

  • 1. Static color mode(White\Red\Green\Blue)
  • 2. Color combination
  • 3. Color changing mode
  • 4. Color fade mode
  • 5. Jump mode
  • 6. Stobe mode
  • 7. Sound active mode
  • 8. DMX mode
  • 9. Master-Slave mode
led party light