Akai Professional Force Standalone Music Production DJ Performance



  • Play, Perform, Produce – Standalone music production / DJ performance system featuring 7″ full colour capacitive multitouch display and 8×8 clip launch matrix with RGB LEDs
  • The Ins and Outs – Capture audio with (2) XLR / ¼-inch combo inputs with phantom power, switchable to line/instrument level. Route your audio to two stereo ¼-inch outputs and the headphone output
  • The Centrepiece of your Performance – 4 configurable CV/Gate outputs and MIDI In / Out / Thru seamlessly integrates with your studio and live performance setup
  • Performance Powerhouse – Remix, mash-Up, DJ and produce with 6 Track types, 4 synth engines and on-board performance modes for complete audio / MIDI / CV performance capability
  • Import All Your Media – 16GB of on-board storage, full-Size SD card Slot & 2 USB 3.0 slots for thumb drives or MIDI controllers, and User-expandable 2.5″ SATA drive connector (SSD or HDD)

Play / Perform / Produce

Redefine your expectations. Force blurs the lines between contemporary music production solutions and next-generation DJ performance technology, setting the precedence for a new industry standard.

Fusing clip-launching, step sequencing, sampling, synth engines and tactile touch screen control into a standalone, performance-driven device, Force combines must-have modern functionality with an ultra-intuitive workflow that harnesses your creativity for maximum expressive capability.


The ultimate side-cart and a solo centerpiece in its own right. With Force, seamlessly Import stems, loops and one-shots into the 8×8 clip matrix and set playback modes including loop and trigger settings to remix and reimagine your tracks on the fly.

With real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting, automatic BPM detection, seamless crossfader assignments, XYFX and cue assign controls, remix, mashup and DJ using pinnacle in liberated performance capability that roots your focus on delivering the ultimate performance.


At the heart of Force is an intuitive clip-centric workflow that forms the creative core of your performance. Combine multiple Modes with Plugin Tracks, MPC-Style Drum tracks, Audio tracks, Keygroup tracks, MIDI tracks and CV tracks (with 4 CV outputs) to define clip types, then sculpt clips via step sequencing, drum pad performances and note data. Plus, integrating Force with our outboard couldn’t be simpler – seamlessly send your track’s MIDI or CV data to an external MIDI device or synthesizer and sample your gear to an Audio Track. The possibilities are virtually limitless!


The ultimate creative sketchpad. Under the hood, Force provides musicians of all disciplines DAW-centric capability for an immersive, creative experience without limitation.

Fusing real-time sampling with MPC sample editing, an on-board step sequencer, MPC swing, a touch grid editor, an onboard looper, full resampling capability and a full featured mixer with an arsenal of effects, discover a fluid, immersive production experience without compromise.

Onboard Synth Engines

Hard-coded into the Force Architecture are four premium synth engines (Hype, Bassline, Electric and Tubesynth) form leading developer AIR Music Technology, each with full editing capability for immersive sound sculpting potential. Sequence via a traditional piano roll, apply the onboard Arpeggiator or switch up to Note Mode for instant access to intelligent chord, progression and scale options.


Out-the-box, Force comes preloaded with 10GB+ of must-have sounds from sample content providers including SampleTools by CR2, MSX Audio and Sample Magic. With 248 Kits, 16 Demo Projects, 2500+ Loops and 500+ patterns, Force’s core library provides immediate access to the most sought-after sounds to inspire your creativity from the get-go.

Ableton Link Compatible

Connect Force to your wireless network and sync your project with any Ableton Link compatible application or hardware device, including our iconic MPC Series.

Unlimited Possibilities

Discover a limitless world of in-demand sound content at your fingertips with the availability of Splice integration in Force – a pivotal update that offer musicians, performers, producers and DJs with immediate WI-FI access to their own Splice library directly from the touch user interface – perfect for ultra-fast auditioning of sounds for use within Force projects.

Following the addition of a refined launch mode and the inclusion of the Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker Input processors in 3.0.1, 3.0.3 brings a number of user-requested enhancements and workflow requirements – most notably functionality to input automation in both the Step Sequencer and Grid Editor, alongside Ableton Live Set Export facilities.

Ableton Live Integration

Experiencing Limitless creative possibilities has never been easier. Force comes pre-mapped to Ableton Live with clip launching, control of the mixer and control of Ableton macros over a Wi-Fi network via Ableton Link, or an ethernet cable between Force and your computer.