DJ Mixers

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DJ Mixers and live performances have become hand in hand when it comes to a fun night out with friends and loved ones. Parties, raves and nightclub scenes have mushroomed and the demand for enjoyable quality music to dance to is consistently on the rise. When it comes to Mix-ingenuity, skills and performances, DJs have combed markets far and wide to get quality DJ Mixers to wow their fans.

With an adequate DJ Mixer, DJs can create incredibly great beats, sounds and fusions that will leave any crowd tapping away in sensual pleasure. For the best Mixers with great sound quality, durability, and functionality, here is a general quick overview of what a quality DJ mixer should have.

  • Durable construction – preferably steel.
  • Easy to Understand Layout –the positioning of ports and requisite knobs and buttons should not be too different from what has been common on the DJ Mix scene over the decades
  • Strong, flexible external Crossfaders – these allow seamless transitions and also various sound effects
  • Effective Preamplifiers– to ensure you have complete control over your music quality
  • 2 or more channels each with a distinct 3 band equalizer
  • FX Controls
  • Beats Per Minute (BPM) Counter
  • Great Connectivity with 2 or more USB connections
  • Mic input
  • Great Output features– headphones, booth
  • LED Level Meter for each channel and main output
  • Separate Gains Controls

Here is a list of high-quality DJ Mixers that we believe are worth every penny.

1. Numark M6 USB DJ mixer

If you are looking for a standard mixer with all the right specs and performance, here’s one for you. This is a 4 Channel mixer with a replaceable crossfader, slope controls and dedicated cue controls with 3 band EQs on each channel. It has a broad range of connectivity that incorporates microphone inputs, booth, record and headphones outputs.

2. Numark Scratch Mixer for DJ battles

This Mixer has impeccable functionality and is surprisingly budget-friendly for a mixer which such great specs. It is a 2 channel mixer, with a 24-bit soundcard, 8 pads and fitted with a standard IEC power connector port. It also has an Inffofader Crossfader that is compatible with Serato DJ and DVS and has well-developed controls.

3. Denon DJ X1800 Prime

This 4 channel mixer with a sleek design and easy to use controls proves how well Denon is making their products. The X1800 is much clearer and has more discernible headroom when mixing tracks together. You will have your familiar layout but the X1800 PRIME brings dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls, delivering multi-themed effects for each channel, giving you even more performance options to craft that unique sound

4. Rane Seventy 2 Channel Battle Mixer

This mixer is tough and easily portable. It has ultralight MAG FOUR Faders, an external crossfader, dual dedicated loop sections and instant double buttons to guarantee seamless DJ handoffs. It also has apt connectivity as compared to its counterparts.

5. Pioneer DJM900NXS2

This mixer may be pricey but is highly durable to serve you for years! Also referred to as Pioneer DJ 4DJ Mixer, this is a 64-bit mixing processor that has excellent isolator EQ and fader curves, FX Controls and 2 USB ports. It is compatible with virtual DJ and outputs excellent sound.

6. Pioneer DJM-V10

If you are looking for a mixer that gives you ample features to be highly creative with, look no further. This is another 64-bit mixing processor from the ingenious Pioneer DJ. It has an astounding 6 Channel mixer and a 32-bit high-quality D/A and A/D that belt out excellent quality sounds. It has studier channel faders and filters that have resonance control.