DJ Media Players

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Are you looking for a fantastic DJ media player? Perhaps you’re considering a few different brands and aren’t sure which one to choose? This article will discuss what a DJ Media player is and will also look at some of the most sought after brands in the industry, such as Pioneer, Denon, and Gemini, to help you make a decision about which is best for you.

What is a DJ Media Player?

A DJ media player allows you to play and mix music and has features that will enable you to adjust the tempo and speed of your music. Some DJ media players also have a built-in audio interface, which will allow you to get creative in your mixing and also work with digital files. Most DJ media players have USB drives, which allows you to connect them to your laptop, where you can use software to help mix tracks and compose music.

DJ Media Player Brands


The CDJ-900NXS builds on the success of its predecessor, the CDJ-900, and is a fantastic DJ media player. It has many useful functions. There’s an auto Beat Loop, as well as a BPM Lock. These features will allow you to change the tempo and speed of your tracks. You’ll be able to adjust the speed of your Master BPM on each player. Another great feature of this product is that it includes Rekordbox software.

Pioneer products are solidly built, and the CDJ-900NXS is no exception. It’s excellent quality, and the ability to use Rekordbox is also an attractive prospect.

Pioneer products are often thought to be expensive, compared to many of their competitors. However, they do have fantastic quality DJ media players.


The Denon DJ SC5000 PRIME represents a real paradigm shift in DJ technology.  The SC5000 is also the world’s first DJ Player capable of on-board music file analysis, an innovative standalone, dual-layer deck capability and 8 performance pads for the ultimate in creative DJ expression.

Denon is well known for making good quality media players that are fantastic value for money. Their products are USB connected and have built-in audio interfaces. Denon makes their media players compatible with Midi.


The Gemini MDJ-500 is a fantastic product for beginners as it’s a budget media player, which is excellent value for money. It has all the necessary features and has Virtual DJ and Traktor mappings. This is perfect for anyone that’s trying to break into modern DJing, as well as the experienced DJ that’s looking for a mobile solution. The MDJ-500 has a customizable jog wheel so you can adjust the resistance to find the feel that’s perfect for you.