DJ Controllers & Interfaces

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With the advancement of technology, the music industry scene has evolved as well. DJ’s don’t have to use traditional turntables to mix songs and tracks. Nowadays, there are DJ controllers & Interfaces that help DJ’s mix tracks and songs in the same way as conventional turntables.

DJ controllers

 are digital media players that allow a person or DJ to emulate the conventional DJ mixer and turntable setup on one piece of equipment, together with a computer or laptop. It basically looks like a combination of a traditional turntable and a DJ Mixer.

DJ controllers & interfaces are devices that are used to help users or DJ’s mix songs or music with DJ software, using features such as touch strips, encoders, jog wheels, pads, faders, knobs, screens, ports, and a corresponding DJ software. 

Since a DJ controller performs the functions of a traditional turntable and a DJ mixer, they allow many beginners to start off with a controller, at a cheaper price, to learn the realm of DJing. You can hear many people say that most DJ’s don’t require any skill to mix music. That’s far from it. You can use a DJ controller to not only mix songs and music but also create some incredible beats too.

The area for vinyl tracks is replaced with permanent jog wheels that enable the DJ to adjust and mix their songs in the same way a traditional turntable works. A DJ controller also has knobs and other buttons that allow the user to adjust bass, volume, frequencies, and other aspects useful in song mixing and DJing. With a DJ controller you can have a full mixer and 2 decks in a compact form allowing you to do everything turntables, media players and mixers do.

Benefits of using a DJ controller

Numerous benefits come with mixing with a DJ controller. These include:

• They are convenient and compact for DJ’s on the run. They are relatively easy to set up, and you can also preload tracks and playlists, which is fantastic since you won’t have to carry your whole collection.

• The user can use the laptop’s or computer’s processing power to manipulate the sound output. It means that the DJ has more significant effects at his disposal.

• They have sync buttons that enable the user to correctly synchronize songs without necessarily using classic techniques to beat match songs.

• DJ controllers have distinctive digitals usages such as loops and cue points that enable users to be more creative and artistic with music sets.

• They are typically lightweight and portable, which means they are relatively easy to travel with from one gig to the next.

Some of our top selling DJ controllers are:

1. Denon DJ MCX8000
This DJ controller from Denon is a full standalone 4-channel DJ controller that is Serato DJ compatible. Since this is fully standalone, there are no interruptions between sets as Engine software, enabling the DJ to either plug into the MCX8000 via USB or Serato DJ while in sync with the vibe. This compact standalone DJ controller is a great way to step up your mix.

2. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3
The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 is a perfect DJ controller for the beginner DJ. It is a 2-channel controller setup with Traktor Pro 3 DJ software. Whether it’s bass-heavy breakdowns, steppy synths, or peak-time rewinds that define your style, the Traktor Kontrol S2 has everything you need to make your mix happen.

3. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch
The Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is an amazing DJ controller that is super compact and allows you to take your mix anywhere you go. With 8 pads and four pad modes for total-control of cue-points, auto/manual looping and sample playback, DJ2GO2 gives immediate access to performance controls typically found on larger controllers.

4. Pioneer DDJ-400
Learning to DJ has never been easier than with the DDJ-400 2-channel DJ controller for rekordbox dj. Packed with features to help you comfortably develop your skills, this controller’s layout mirrors that of our flagship NXS2 set-up, with shared elements like dedicated cue buttons, Beat FX, CDJ-style looping controls and more. As a result, our advanced DJ gear will feel natural to use when you’re ready to progress.

5. Roland DJ 808
The DJ-808 is a state-of-the-art DJ controller with a 4-channel mixer, built-in drum sequencing, vocal processing, and the deepest Serato DJ Pro integration available. Going way beyond a typical DJ controller, the DJ-808 is an instrument, with a Roland “TR-S” drum machine that contains the world’s most iconic drum sounds and can even control the Serato Sampler within Serato DJ Pro

Whether you are an advance DJ or a beginner in the music industry, a DJ controller is an essential piece of equipment to have. You will be able to mix and scratch songs in live events relatively easy than with traditional turntables. You can always stay updated, learn more, and become a better DJ with DJ controllers and Interfaces. Shop around for your favorite controller and start your musical journey today.