Staying Connected Through Social Distancing

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We are living in such crazy times right now.  There are so many questions on when things will get back to normal and so much uncertainty on what is actually going on around the world.  Everyone wants to be with friends and family and get back to the way it was.  Unfortunately, we cannot visit our loved ones or go out to the bars to enjoy each others company.  With that being said, there has been a ton of ways to connect with each other that has made this whole situation easier.


There are amazing apps that allow us to see our family and friends, while still practicing social distancing.  Facetime has given us the opportunity to talk to multiple people at the same time and see each other throughout the call.  Houseparty is a similar app that brings all of your friends, and your friends friends, together for a social interaction.  These social interactions have brought us back together for virtual happy hours, movie watching parties, and playing games.  You have the ability to play beer pong against your friend who is in a completely different state.


Other amazing things to come from this are the streaming music festivals and concerts.  For multiple weekends, there has been full live music festivals that you can tune into and enjoy.  This has also give smaller artists more recognition by playing new music and live music through Facebook, Instagram, and multiple other platforms.  As much as this was around prior to this, it was nowhere near as prevalent as it is today.  One of my favorite live sets to be played was from Oliver Heldens on the Room Service Festival last weekend. 

His style is extremely fun and brings people together.  The setting of the set was probably one of the best parts about it and Room Service did a great job of making this look professional.


Just as much as everyone else, I want to get back to real music festivals and concerts.  I want to go visit my family and friends, especially now that it is about to be summer.  We all want to go to the beach and enjoy our extremely social lifestyle.  However, this is time to focus on what we have.  Let’s get this problem taken care of with one go round.  Everyone stay safe, enjoy the new normal for the time being, and before we know it we will be back with our family and friends.  When that time comes we will be better and smarter from what we have learned through these times, and we will not take anything for granted.  I look forwards to seeing everyone again and partying like its 1999!