Some tips of choosing the right DAW for you

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Understanding a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) is the first step to knowing which one is best for you.  A Digital Audio Workstation is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a computer program that will allow you to record audio and MIDI tracks when making music, radio shows, and other audio production.  The DAW makes recording much easier because it allows you to complete everything in one space with multiple different tracks.  The 3 key steps into finding a DAW that works for you are figuring out what you are recording, the price you are willing to spend, and what feels best for you.


What are you using your DAW for?


The first thing to think about when choosing a DAW is what exactly you plan on using it for.  Are you going to be an at home producer?  Maybe you just have a MIDI controller and want to make beats at your house.  Are you looking to go into a studio with a full live band?  Are you starting a podcast or a radio show that you need to record?  All of these are important questions to ask when thinking about the DAW for you.


What are you willing to spend?


The good thing about most DAW’s is that they have a free version that will allow you to test them out before actually buying into one.  These free versions will have limited use because they what you to test it out and eventually buy the product.  When it comes to buying the product, prices range from $100.00-$2000.00.  There are multiple different versions of many of these DAW’s for whatever level of producer you are.  The more expensive the DAW, the more that comes with it.  If you pay top dollar for the DAW you can do everything you need from there without paying extra for different plug-ins.


What feels best for you?


This is probably the most important part of choosing a DAW for you.  Every DAW is pretty much the same in terms of what it can do and they all can be as easy to work as you make it.  When you are choosing a DAW, make sure you check out the free versions and play around with them for a little bit.  Whichever one you find the easiest for you to navigate through and feel that is the most comfortable is probably going to be the best one for you.


To wrap everything up, the main goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  The fun part in making music, playing different instruments with friends, and producing your radio show, not spending weeks looking for you workstation.  So go out there and start producing for everyone to hear.