Some Reasons to Become a DJ

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A Sense of Fulfillment

DJing is still considered an unconventional job in some parts of the world. People who choose to become DJs do it because they are passionate and because they wanted this line of work.

As a result, DJs will always mention how fulfilling it is to see crowds dancing to what’s being played. DJs can create a joyous and carefree atmosphere in any setting. This is something that can be achieved on any level, whether you are DJing a club with a big crowd, or at your friends house during a party.

It Allows You to Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

Becoming a DJ gives you a chance to be self-employed, meaning that you are technically your own boss. This scenario is less formal compared to those working under an employer. The perks include being able to plan your work schedule as well as a holiday. A DJ can create work for themselves by planning events for parties but also focus on being booked for big concerts.

It Enhances Your Professional and Personal Networks

Becoming a successful DJ is not only fun but also a way for you to grow your networks. The informal setting helps you create friends easily, especially after you play their favorite record. Additionally, working at corporate events could open career doors for you. The networking that you can do at your DJing events will allow you to book more events like weddings, birthday parties, and work outings. This will allow you to grow your DJing business into an enterprise.

After working for several years, most DJs can open music academies and also venture into other careers.

DJing Earns You Money

This is perhaps one of the key reasons as to why people start DJing. Once you become a famous DJ, you get bookings both locally and Internationally, which attracts very high income. DJs such as Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers earn close to $40 million every year. Moreover, some clients not only pay for your service but also offer to pay for the logistics.

On a lower level, DJ’s that are booked for weddings and corporate events can make $500-$2,000 per event. With the network that your grow this will allow you to book multiple events in a week. This is uncapped money that you get for playing music for people and showing them a good time.

It’s A Great Opportunity for You to Positively Impact Society

Becoming a DJ means you get to share your love of music with the world. Specific music genres can steer positive cultural behaviors. Such music can instill a sense of unity during tough times as well as educate the masses about social, economic, and political issues.