Just getting started? For the aspiring DJ!

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So, you just went to your first festival or experienced an EDM show that made you think, “I can do this.”  Perfect!  There is nothing better than spreading music through music.  Now all you have to do is figure out where to start your musical journey.

DJing is extremely fun and gives you the chance to be the life of the party.  Maybe you just want to make mixes at home and play house parties, or maybe you have aspirations for becoming the next big thing and headlining EDC.  Whatever your goals are you need to start somewhere and these are some ways to do that.

  1.  Download a DJ app to get the hang of things.  This will give you a cheap and easy way to start understanding the simple set up of a DJ controller.  You can work on EQing your tracks, and start understanding how the crossfader and jog wheels work.  These apps can be free so it is a great way to learn some techniques before you buy a controller.
  2. Get your music together.  This can be a tricky thing when first starting out.  A few apps will allow you to use your Soundcloud account to obtain the music from there.  Others will allow you to use Tidal which is a great way to get all the music that you need through a subscription.  Getting music song by song can be expensive so I suggest finding a subscription based company that will give all the music you need for a monthly price.  Plus, this helps support DJ’s and other musicians who made that music that you are playing.
  3. Practice.  This is the most fun, but also the most underrated part of DJing.  Sometimes you just got to set up your controller or your phone/tablet and jam out in your room.  You are your own audience, but that can make you the best critic.  Once you get the hang of things you will start playing in front of friends.  Then you will be the one everyone asks to DJ their parties.  This all leads to being more and more comfortable to get you in front of a crowd at a local bar or club.

The best thing about DJing is how fun it is.  You get to play the music you love and share that music with everybody around you.  You control the room you’re in by telling the people how to act through the music you play.  You can change the vibe of the room with one simple song change, and you can watch it all happen in front of you.

Make sure you have fun, because if you aren’t then what’s the point.  Go out there and get started so you can spread your musical wisdom with the world!