Some tips of choosing the right DAW for you

Understanding a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) is the first step to knowing which one is best for you.  A Digital Audio Workstation is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a computer program that will allow you to record audio and MIDI tracks when making music, radio shows, and other audio production.  The DAW makes recording […]

Some Reasons to Become a DJ

A Sense of Fulfillment DJing is still considered an unconventional job in some parts of the world. People who choose to become DJs do it because they are passionate and because they wanted this line of work. As a result, DJs will always mention how fulfilling it is to see crowds dancing to what’s being […]

Top 10 Clubs in the World

While we are all stuck inside wishing that we could enjoy going to shows and concerts with our friends and family, the best we can do now is reminisce on our favorite clubs to attend.  These clubs around the world bring us happy times and memories that we will never forget.  We have seen our […]

Your Passion and Creative Process is YOURS

As we move further along through this quarantine, I am starting to think more and more about the way we are as humans.  With the current situation we are deprived of things that we never expected would be removed from our lives.  Obviously human interaction is a huge thing that we are missing and we […]

Staying Connected Through Social Distancing

We are living in such crazy times right now.  There are so many questions on when things will get back to normal and so much uncertainty on what is actually going on around the world.  Everyone wants to be with friends and family and get back to the way it was.  Unfortunately, we cannot visit […]